Примеры "удачных" (в хорошем смысле) резюме...

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Примеры "удачных" (в хорошем смысле) резюме...

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• 8 Years strong experience in various fields and platform includes System analysis, design, application (Inter/Intranet) development and testing. Over three Years of US experience
• Good exposure in Healthcare, Financial/Banking/Trading, Hotel and Warehouse Industries.
• Microsoft Certified Application Developer in .NET technology that includes VB.NET, ASP .NET (Both Windows and Web based Applications) and XML Web Services and Server components.
• Clear understanding and about 5 years experience in Object Oriented Programming & Design (OOPS) Concepts.
• 7 Years of experience in Design and Development of n-tier Internet, Intranet and Client-Server application.
• Expertise and having more than 15 months of experience in .NET Framework & its technologies VB .NET, ASP .NET, ADO .NET, C#
• Experienced in Design & Developing application using Win Forms, Web Forms and XML Web Services.
• Experienced in developing and building the Assemblies and Server - side User Control.
• Good knowledge in .NET Security, Remoting and Marshalling.
• Expertise and having more than 6 Years experience in Visual Basic 6.0 and Component (COM) creation.
• Good working knowledge in Migrating application from VB 6.0 to VB .NET and ASP 3.0 to ASP .NET.
• Expertise and about 3+ years experience in Server-side web application development using ASP 3.0.
• Expertise in Data Access methodologies of DAO, RDO, ADO, ODBC and OLEDB.
• Good working experience in creating reports using Crystal Reports 7.0/8.0/8.5 and Crystal Enterprise.
• Good working experience in developing EventSink, Transport Sink COM/COM+ Components and SMTP Gateways in Exchange Server 2000 .
• Good understanding and working knowledge in Microsoft CRM Beta release 2.0.
• Expertise in Administering Exchange Server 2000 and IIS Web Server.
• Good working knowledge in XML and SOAP.
• Expertise in J2EE using Java, Java Swing, Servlets, Bean, AWT, JSP, EJB, IDL and JDBC.
• Good working experience in XML, XSL, XSLT, DTD/Schema, XML Parsers (MS & IBM DOM and SAX).
• Good working knowledge in HIPAA EDI transactions (835, 837, 270 and 271).
• Experienced in developing applications using HTML, CSS, DHTML, JavaScript and VBScript.
• Good experience and understanding in Database concepts with Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5 and Access.
• Good understanding of UML modeling (Use cases, activity diagrams, class diagrams generation, ability to come up right relations among the classes, interaction diagrams, etc.) using Rational Rose and MS Visio.
• Good working experience in Verisign Security Certification and implementation of SSL in IIS Web Server.
• Experience in Voice Support and Voice Authentication application development using NUANCE Voice Recognition tool and VoiceGenie.
• Good working experience in Lotus Notes Groupware ver 4.0.
• Worked on various RAD tools like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Visual Interdev, JBuilder, Allaire Home Site Server and Visual Studio .NET.
• Capable of analyzing, designing complicated systems for client server, Internet, Intranet and Extranet systems and leading the team.
• Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills. Quick learner in new technologies.

Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCP ID: 1282306) in
• Developing and Implementing Web based Applications with MS VB .NET and Visual Studio .NET (70-305)
• Developing and Implementing Windows Applications with MS VB .NET and Visual Studio .NET (70-306)
• Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with MS Visual C# .NET and MS .NET framework (70-320)
• Visual Basic 5.0 Programming
Certificate in Java 2.0 Programming (3.89/5.0).
Certificate in Active Server Pages 3.0 (3.67/5.0).

Technical Skills
Hardware : Intel – Pentium PC’s, Sun, HP
Operating Systems : Windows XP/NT 4.0/2000/95/98, ME, CE, MS-DOS, Unix (HP-UX, Solaris, Linux)
Languages : C#, Java 2.0, J2EE, JavaScript, VBScript, VBA, HTML, DHTML, SQL, XML & its Parsers (IBM,
Xerces), VXML, C, C++, Visual C++
Framework : .NET and Mobile .NET Framework includes VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET
IDE : Visual Basic 6.0, Java Swing 2.0, Jbuilder 3.0/4.0, Dreamweaver 4.0, Allaire Home Site Server 4.0,
Visual Studio .NET, Sheridian Grid
Server Side Technologies: Java Servlets, JSP, ASP 3.0
RDBMS : SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, Oracle 8i, MS Access
Database Connectivity : JDBC, ODBC, OLEDB
Middle Ware : MTS, COM/DCOM, COM+, ActiveX, ADO
Reports : Crystal Reports 7.0/8.0/8.5
Web Server : Java Web Server 2.0, IIS 4.0/5.0, Weblogic 5.0
Mail Server : Exchange Server 2000
Packages : Visual Source Safe 6.0, Visual InterDev 6.0, MS Office 97/2000, MS Project, MS Visio, Rational
Rose UML, RUP, PhotoShop, ERWIN 4.0
Security : Verisign
Voice Recognition Tool : NUANCE

Convergion, NJ, USA
Unified Messenger for Microsoft CRM Dec ‘2002 – Present
Unified Messenger for Microsoft CRM provides the unified messenger features of accessing the email, voice messages, fax messages and voice attachments in one storage basically for supporting the Microsoft CRM users. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) system helps to provide the contact, account and schedule/appointment details of the CRM Users over the phone.
Responsibilities includes:
• Develops the Web Forms in ASP .NET using C# and CRM SDK which provides the Voice Mail Activity in CRM.
• Develops the Voice XML generators in ASP .NET using C# to get the contact, account and appointment details from Microsoft CRM and deployed it in VoiceGenie for supporting IVR System.
• Develops the EventSink COM+ component using EXOLEDB changes the subject for all the voice messages to Microsoft CRM supported activity form. Also this component will route the messages after changing the message class property to the external domain users.
• Develops the Transport Sink COM+ component to route all voice messages which is composed by Microsoft CRM users to the common router email inbox.
• Gone through the whole message transfer architecture in Exchange 2000 Server and done the research work on MTA routing gateway and try to give the solution for sending messages to Avaya Unified Messenger 5.0 for delivering the text message to the given recipient phone number.
• Used Crystal Enterprise to implement and enhance the reports in CRM.
• Installing & administering the Exchange Server 2000. Handles the hosting jobs like DNS Server configuration, Mailbox creation, Mail exchange agent record creation, setting and configuring the connector for routing messages in Exchange Server 2000 and setting the SMTP mail server in IIS Web Server 5.0.
• Configuring the IIS Web Server 5.0 in MMC.
• Installing, Configuring and hosting the Microsoft CRM Server and client.
• Mentoring the other developers to help developing the Web forms and web reports to support the Microsoft CRM activities in ASP.NET and C#.
Environment: Microsoft CRM Beta Release 2.0, Exchange Server 2000, Avaya Unified Messenger 5.0, Active Directory, ADSI, ASP .NET, C#, XML, SOAP, COM, COM+, VC++, VXML 2.0, VoiceGenie, Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Enterprise and SQL Server 2000.

EStreetAccess.com, NJ, USA
Online Share Trading System (OSTS) www.estreetaccess.com Apr ‘2002 – Nov’2002
Redesigned and implemented an online Trading system in .NET technology. OSTS is a web based three tier architecture developed in ASP 3.0, Visual Basic 6.0 on SQL server 2000 database. The system maintains electronic links to major sources of liquidity like NYSE, NASDAQ and ECN's and enables institutions and individuals to trade in equity markets online efficiently and cost effectively. It maintains all the customer details and provides stock quotes, research and portfolio functionality to its members.
Responsibilities Includes:
• Understands the existing hardware and software architecture, app. Design and database schema.
• Prepares the application design based on the requirements.
• Designing of Web Forms with ASP .NET Server Controls using Visual Basic Language.
• Implemented Client-Side validations using ASP .NET Server-side controls.
• Migrated the existing ActiveX component using Visual Basic 6.0 to VB .NET and built the assembly, which has been used as a business tier.
• Configuring the Web.Config file for Authentication, Session and Trace.
• Used Form and Role based authentication as a .NET Security.
• Create the connection object using ADO.NET Connection, Command, Datasets, DataAdapter, DataReader and XML to retrieve and store the data in the SQL Server DB.
• Used Crystal Reports to generate the various reports from the datasource.
• Used Global.asax for setting the Application and Session variables.
• Responsible to write Stored Procedures, triggers in SQL Server 2000.
• Configures the Verisign Security Certificate in IIS Web Server and implement the SSL pages.
Environment: VB .NET, ASP .NET, ADO .NET, C#, MS Visio, JSP, ASP 3.0, Crystal Enterprise, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Visual Basic 6.0, COM, COM+, ActiveX, Sql Server 2000, ERWIN 4.0.

EStreetAccess.com, NJ, USA
Data Transformation Tool Feb ‘2002 – Mar ‘2002
Data Transformation Tool is object oriented utility tool, which transforms the data in the layout reports into the specified form. The valid front-end Graphical User Interface helps to convert the inputted layout reports into specified delimited text file or comma separated variable. Also using this utility, the user can store the data into the existing database. This will support Oracle, SQL Server and Access databases now. This helps EStreetAccess, Financial Trading Company, to analyze their data.
Environment: Unix, Shell Script, Java, ODBC.

3Tech Group, NJ, USA
SmartDME – Surgical Suppliers Management System Jul ‘2001 – Jan ‘ 2002
SmartDME is Object Oriented – 3 Tier Architecture based multi purpose application, fully integrated software system that provides the Internet and Intranet solution to Surgical Suppliers includes Inventory, Patient, Insurance, Prescription Entry, Delivery Ticket and Electronic Insurance Claims for all the HMO, Medicare and Medicaid patients.
All business logic is made as the Web Service that has been written in C# and the Client application is written in VB .NET and ASP .NET with Visual Basic Language. ADO.NET is used for data services that connected to SQL Server 2000. The already existing Patient and Insurance Module written in Visual basic 6.0 in SmartMD application has been converted to .NET. Used Visual Studio .NET as IDE.
Responsibilities Include:
• Responsible to analyze and design the application using MS Visio.
• Migrating VB 6.0 Module of Patient and Insurance to VB .NET.
• Designed and developed the Intranet application using VB .NET Win Forms.
• Designed and developed the Internet application using ASP .NET Web Forms.
• Written the business logic as the XML based Web Services used as an interface between the application and the database.
• Wrote all component services in C#.
• Created and Built the Shared Assemblies consists of business logic.
• Create the connection object using ADO.NET Connection, Command, Datasets, DataAdapter, DataReader and XML to retrieve and store the data in the SQL Server DB.
• Used Crystal Reports and Enterprise to create various reports and implement it in .NET.
• Used Form and Role based Authentication as a .NET Security.
• Wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server 2000.
• To analyze the possibilities of implementing this application in Mobile devices like Palm, Mobile PC using .NET Mobile Framework.
Environment: Windows 2000, MS Visio, Visual Studio .NET, C#, VB .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, COM, COM+, SQL Server 2000, ERWIN 4.0, Crystal Reports.

3Tech Group, Inc, NJ, USA
WebSmartMD – Physician Practitioner Oct ‘1998 – Jun ’2001
WebSmartMD is Object Oriented - 3 Tier Architecture based, fully integrated software system that provides a paper less solution to a physician’s practice, right from scheduling the appointments to Notes Dictation. WebSmartMD is aimed to provide the on-line paperless practice to the Physicians’ day-to-day jobs. This application includes scheduling appointments with Patients (Appointments), maintaining their details (Patient Management), verifying their eligibility on the net (Verifying Eligibility) by getting the patient’s healthcare information from the insurance carriers like co pay, deductibles etc., making the encounter payments (Encounter Payments), SOAP Notes creation (Encounter), Insurance Claims, Billing Claims, Accounting and on-line reporting capability features. This system has supported the touch screen feature and will be supporting Voice authentication.
Responsibilities Included:
• Migrating the application from Visual Basic based application, SmartMD, to a web based application, WebSmartMD.
• Design & develop the application in a ASP model using Java, Java Swing, Servlets, JSP and Oracle 8i. The front-end has been developed using JBuilder3.0, utilizing Java Swing components.
• Designed the screen layouts, design and develop Java Classes to implement business logic in the application layer, establishing the database connectivity using JDBC, Database Connection Pooling, involved in validating the data as per specification, involved in establishing the communication between Applets and Servlets.
• Wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers using Oracle 8i.
• Used XML for passing requests between GUI and the backend application layer. Java reflection was used to map XML Dom Tree into Java Objects and vice-versa.
• Played a key role in designing and developing object model for the project. Attended design review and status meetings.
• Interacted with end-users in gathering feedback and implementing new features and enhancements.
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) message has been exchanged using HTTP to the clearing agent in predefined XML format as described by HIPAA.
• Administered and maintained Java web Server 2.0 and BEA Weblogic.
Environment: Jbuilder 3.5, Dreamweaver 4.0, JDK 1.2, JSDK, JSP, Visual Basic, ASP, Java Swing, Servlets, JDBC, XML, IBM DOM Parser, Oracle 8i, HTML, Java Script, Weblogic and Java Web Server 2.0.

3Tech Group, Inc, NJ, USA
Object Mapper
This is a Java based API which allows the conversion of XML data into Objects and vice-versa. It works with the Application Object Model as the input, which could be the model generated from IDL. Object Mapper works with nested Object.
Responsible to develop the code using Java reflection and IBM Dom Parser.
Environment: JDK 1.2, IDL, IBM Dom Parser.

3Tech Group, Inc, NJ, USA
VoiceRx – Voice Recognizing Prescription Pad
VoiceRx is aimed to provide the voice recognizing Prescription Pad, which is a substitution of Physician’s handwriting Prescription Pad. Using this system, Physician can prescribe the medicine orally either in his office or even in travel by using his mobile phone. The system responds to incoming calls and collects the prescription information from the user. This will verify the physicians voice and will recognize the phrase based on the grammar that is created dynamically. The text-to-speech utility is used to interact with Physician.
This system has to be used in WebSmartMD.
Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Java, Oracle 8.0, Nuance Speech Recognition System Ver 7.0

EXCP Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India.
SmartMed Dec ‘1995 – Sep ‘1998
SmartMed is a fully integrated computer software system that provides a total solution to automate the Physician’s Office. This system helps an existing practice to create a paperless office environment. It covers the entire operations right from the Appointment to Notes dictation. This multi-user package provides facilities to manage multi-offices of the Organization. As a Senior Developer, I was responding to handle the Immune therapy and Notes Module, by designing the screen, creating the User Interface and Business Interface Components. Used MS Excel Class for printing the Insurance Claim Form in the Insurance Claim Module. Also we extensively used the third party TrueDB Grid 5.0 control. Used Crystal Reports for generating reports.
Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, VBA, Crystal Reports, MS Access 97, SQL Server 6.5, TrueDB Grid 5.0, Sheridian Grid, MS Office 97

Job Resource Net System
As a Software Engineer, I was responsible for designing, developing, testing and distributing the components that were created by Visual Basic 6.0. This system helps to keep track of all candidates/consultants’ details with their resumes and score their ability by tracing their details like how many interviews he/she attended and how many marks they scored in written exams conducted through the net etc. Also, it helps to maintain all the consultants’ personal detail on-line. So every authorized user/consultant can get their details from the net.
This system has been developed in ASP in Interface Layer. Middle and Business Layer involves COM/DCOM Objects in VB6.0. Used IIS4.0 as the Web Server. Transaction framework through MTS / MSMQ. Database on MS SQL Server.
Environment: VB6.0, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP 2.0, MS SQL Server 6.5, MTS, IIS4.0.

Intranet Based Hotel Management System (IHMS)
As Software Engineer, responsible to analyze and design the system, developing, testing and implementing the modules like Front Office, Sales includes Restaurant, Bar and Banquet, Stores, Miscellaneous Sales like Rental Cars, Telephones etc. and Accounting.
This Intranet based Hotel Management System has five modules viz. Front Office, Sales, Stores, Misc. Sales and Accounting. All four modules has been linked with each other. Billing can be made at once where the service has been provided to the guest. This system has been developed in ASP2.0 and Visual Basic 6.0. For creating the client side GUI application we used HTML/DHTML, Java Script. Used VB6.0 for creating the Business level by creating the components like DLL and EXE’s.
Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 2.0, MS SQL Server 6.5 and JavaScript.

Benefit Fund Accounting System
This system has covered two major modules of Deposits and Loans. In Deposit, this deals with different kinds of Deposits of Fixed, Cumulative, Recurring (Monthly & Daily) and Saving Accounts. To do the day-to-day business it supports to make the Interest Payments, Interest postings, RD installment receipts, Deposits Closures, Pre-matured closures and Renewal. In loan, it handles different type of Loans like Jewel, Property/Mortgage, Simple and Security loans. For improving the Deposit collection and Loan Principal collection from the members it gives various reports like Deposit Ledger, Deposit Register, Periodical deposit closure, Pre-matured closure list, receipt list, renewal list, loan register, loan ledger, summary of individual loans and loans in red alert reports.
Environment: Visual Basic 5.0, MS Access 97.

Legal Case Tracking System
This system managed to store all the judicial documents in the specific manner and can easily track the particular document whenever the user needs. This system can be used uniquely for the Advocate Chambers. The Advocates can have stored their Legal cases/files as a document here. Basically legal cases are divided by Notice, Vakkalat, Suits and complaints. After storing the documents, the Advocates can have tracked the document by the Name of the Court, by the Name of the Respondent/Plaintiff, by the Name of the City, by the Name of the Case type, by the Case Number etc. Also, this system has maintained the archives for storing the old documents.
Environment: Windows 95, Lotus Notes v4.1a

Using this application the organization can do their internal work without using a single piece of paper. In this application, all the employees are connected together and they can have communicated each other easily sitting in front of their computer. This application has Time Sheet logging, Work Schedule, Leave Application, Conveyance discussion and Notice board modules. Time sheet and Work Schedule has been monitoring the productivity of the employees. Leave Application includes the requests, approvals/rejections and comments on the documents generated. Conveyance has been used for claiming the employees Conveyance. Discussion is used for discussing with each other. Notice board displays the management’s decisions, remarks, comments etc then and there.
Environment: Windows 95, Lotus Notes v4.1a

M.S. Physics, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli, India, 1994.
B.S. Physics, Madurai Kamaraj University, Tirunelveli, India, 1992.
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To work in a challenging Enterprise Wide application Analysis, Design and coding. Interested in Enterprise Integration Applications.

Personal Qualities

Quick Learner, Analytical, Smart worker, Good Communicator, Highly committed, Positive thinker, Good team player

Professional Overview
• Over 7 years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development, System Integration and Implementation of software projects in Client/Server and Internet environment using Visual Studio.Net Visual Basic, VB.NET,C#,VC++, ADO.NET, ASP.NET,ADO, ASP,XML,XSLT, COM/DCOM, Crystal Reports, Oracle and SQL Server
• Good knowledge on Object Oriented Analysis and Design(OOA/OOD) using UML
• Good knowledge in writing complex database queries, stored procedures in SQL Server
• Good Knowledge on Full Software Life Cycle Process.
• Extensive work experience in developing ActiveX controls using Visual Basic
• Experienced in Developing application with MSMQ
• Good Knowledge in Integrating ActiveX controls in MMC Snapins
• Extensive work experience in C#,VB.Net,ASP.Net,ADO.Net and .Net Framework
• Experienced in Developing Webforms/Winforms, User controls.
• Experienced in Developing Web Services
• Experienced in Developing components with .Net Remoting and Reflection

• Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
• Microsoft Certified Professional in Developing WebServices and Server Components with Visual C# .NET and Visual Studio.Net
• Microsoft Certified Professional in Developing and Implementing Windows Based Application with Visual C# .NET and Visual Studio.Net
• Microsoft Certified professional in Developing and Implementing Web Application with Visual Basic.NET and Visual Studio.NET
• Microsoft Certified Professional in Visual Basic

Tool/Technology Years of Experience Tool/Technology Years of Experience
Visual Basic 5 Plus Java 2 years
VB.Net 1 Plus XML 2 Plus
C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET 1 Plus Visual Cafe 1 Plus
Visual C++ 2 JNI 1
Active Server Pages 2 Plus JDBC 1 Plus
ADO 5 plus Oracle 2 Plus
SQL Server 4 Plus Developer 2000 2 Plus
Crystal Reports 2 plus C++ 2

Academic Qualifications

1993 BE, Regional Engineering College, Jaipur, India
Specialization - Mechanical Engineering

Skill Set

Operating Systems : Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
GUI tools : Visual Basic, VB.Net, C#, Java Swing, Excel and Developer 2000
RDBMS : MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MS-Access
Database Scripting : PL/SQL. Stored Procedures, Triggers
Middleware : XML, SOAP, COM/DCOM , MTS,.NET Remoting
Web Development Tools : ASP,ASP.NET, JSP Servlets, XML, XSL, Visual InterDev, Front Page
Languages : Visual Basic, Visual C++, VB.Net, C#, Java, C++, C
Scripting Languages : HTML, JavaScript, VBScript
Other : Visio, MS – Project, UML

Professional Experience

Marstechsolutions Inc July’02 – May’03

Client: Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

• Employer Information Resource Database (EIRD)
The Employer Information Resource Database (EIRD) project is to design, build and deploy a common database and application system to acquire, validate, store and retrieve information about enterprises and employers that the PA Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) serves. The EIRD system will provide a single data collection point for common enterprise and employer data used by thirteen program areas within L&I. Also, it will provide Labor and Industry’s interface to the Office of Administration/Office of Information Technology (OA/OIT) PA Open for Business enterprise registration services.

• Security Manager.
Implementing custom security using .Net Framework security model to validate all users and roles. Security is implemented page level for some users and for some users object level security is implemented .All the roles are defined for each page in an XML format and stored in a cache to reduce the network traffic to increase performance. XPATH navigation is used to find the matching node for a particular record

• Transaction Manager
This component is developed as windows services to execute stored procedures and commit the transaction or rollback. This component will look into the staging table in database for any record whose transaction has to be completed and starts the transaction to execute 24 stored procedures. The service will look into the database for every 3 min and this interval is configurable through App Settings.

• Develop User Interface to interact with database using ADO.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET to show all messages and process the messages depending upon user interaction
• Develop a user control to show related information about the Enterprise or Employer
• Develop Windows services to complete the database transaction. The records from database are pulled in XML format so that it is saved in XML after processing.
• Develop UI Screens using C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET
• Develop Web Services for Transactions, which calls asynchronously to increase performance as compared to Windows service.
• Develop Encryption and decryption Component to encrypt SQL connection strings and placed in WEB.Config file for security using Winforms in C#
• Understanding UML Sequence, Class Diagrams and coding in C# according to UML specs.
• Develop .NET Component to pull messages from MQ Series and insert in SQL Server Database.The messages are in XML format

Environment Visual studio. NET, Visual C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML, MQ Series, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000

Harmony Software Inc, San Mateo, CA May. 00 – June 02

• General Configuration and Fiscal Calendar Snap-ins
These snapins are used as administrative tools to control different stages in Harmony Data Load Process , to set default values for Harmony Symphonx analytical engine and to generate fiscal extract files.

• System Study and requirement analysis
• Develop Microsoft Management Console(MMC) snapins using Harmony Snapin’s framework with C++
• Develop ActiveX controls using Visual Basic 6.0 to integrate with snapins
• Writing SOAP factories to send data in SOAP format to SOAP clients and update the database
• Generate fiscal extract files from user inputs which is used to load data

Environment Visual C++ (6.0),Visual Basic (6.0), C++, XML, Oracle , SQL Server 2000, Windows2000

• Process Manager
Process Manager is client server application, which is a live flow control management system with detailed status reporting. It is a fully distributed, highly scalable application that uses MSMQ/Database to communicate between stages.

• System study to convert the code to VB.Net, ADO.Net and C# and implementing SOAP
• System study and requirements analysis to convert the existing Java code to Visual Basic 6.0 to increase performance and to remove MSMQ dependency for messaging.
• Developed database model to implement messaging
• Developed COM/DCOM Components for encapsulating data access methodologies
• Cross process data exchange using SOAP compliant messages.
• Developed screens using ASP, HTML/DHTML, CSS, and ActiveX components to report the status of tasks
• Writing Soap Factories COM objects at server side to send data in SOAP format to SOAP clients
• Writing stored procedures for the business rules application for SQL Server 2000.
• Implement email capability using CDONTS objects to send email about the status of data load process.
• Implement Multi-Threading process to increase performance using java 1.2

Environment Windows 2000, Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net, C#, Java 2, Visual Café, XML, ASP, SOAP, Web Services, IIS, SQL Server 2000.

• Alerts Engine
Alerts Engine calculates all the alerts and checks with the computed value determined by a metric engine, which uses the OLAP Cubes for the metric defined. If any users are subscribed to the alert, an email is sent to the user.

• System study and develop the Application in C# , ADO.Net, using the rich feature of Free Threading and converting existing Visual Basic code to VB.Net
• System study to convert the existing C++ code to Visual Basic 6.0 to increase performance and complexity.
• Implemented Multi-Threading concept using COM Objects in Visual Basic 6.0 .Developed COM Components to create SOAP messages to interact with metrics engine to get the metric computed value
• Implement email capability to send emails when alert threshold is reached

Environment Visual C++, Visual Basic 6.0, ADO.Net, C#, Oracle, SQL Server2000, Windows 2000

• Harmony Symphonx
Harmony Symphonx™ is a suite of complete, advanced business analytic applications. The applications aggregate data from across the corporate enterprise, perform calculations, and deliver intelligent results in real-time to corporate decision-makers. It includes a comprehensive catalog of operational Key Performance Indicators, based on industry standard best practices, using industry standard calculations, validated by business experts. The Harmony application can receive data from multiple sources across the corporation, including ERP systems, CRM systems, data warehouses, legacy systems, SFA systems, e-Commerce servers, and other sources.

• Developed COM/DCOM Components for encapsulating data access methodologies
• XML Schemas design and Rendering XML and HTML using XSL.
• Developed screens using ASP, HTML/DHTML, CSS, and ActiveX components.
• Coding various validations and checks to be performed at the client side using JavaScript
• Develop ActiveX Control to save or export the data to Excel files and send emails

Environment Microsoft ActiveX, ASP, XML, HTML/DHTML, CSS, JavaScript , Visual Interdev 6.0, COM/DCOM, Visual Basic 6.0, IIS, SQL Server 7, SOAP and web services

Worked as Developer Support at MS-Technology Inc. July 99 – May 2000

Client Microsoft Corporation. Charlotte, NC

• Assisting professional developers to implement Microsoft database access technologies like ADO, RDS, RDO, DAO, ODBC and OLE DB
• Developed numerous visual basic applications that demonstrated the usage of SQL Server, Access 97 / 2000 and Oracle databases
• Guided developers on the usage of Microsoft’s data bound controls, data environment and data report designer
• Provided instruction for the packaging and deployment of visual basic applications that incorporate Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).

Worked as a Sr. Software Engineer at Technovention Technologies Ltd July 98 to April 99.

• Visual Profit
This application is targeted at small and medium sized individual entrepreneurs,
businessmen and consultants. This profit planning application provides SWOT
(Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of a company at a glance.

• Complete System Study and analysis requirements
• Guide and mentor a group of 20 people involved in development
• Develop COM components in Visual Basic 6.0
• Design UI Screens in Visual Basic 6.0
• Develop table like (grid) Active X control to input multiple rows and commit transactions in single step.

Environment Sequel Server, Visual Basic 6.0,and VC++ 6.0

Worked as a Software Engineer at Pentagon Infoweb August 95 to June 98.

• Financial Management System
This application was useful in keeping track of income and expenses. Depending on the user requirements the crystal reports were generated dynamically. Developed a component which shows the grid as multilane per recorded.

• Develop COM components in Visual Basic 5.0
• Develop ActiveX controls in Visual Basic 5.0 to show records in Multi-line format
• Generate reports using Crystal Reports tool.
• Writing Stored Procedures in Oracle
• Develop GUI Screens in Visual Basic for user inputs

Environment Oracle 7.3 and Visual Basic 5.0

• Automobile Pricing System
This application is used to get price information for standard as well as custom built cars. When user selects a particular car, it then show all necessary accessories for that car with price tag. The UI is so user friendly and interactive

• Develop GUI Screens in Visual Basic 5.0 for user inputs
• Generate reports using Crystal Reports tool
• Writing stored procedures for Oracle 7.3
• Writing COM component as a wrapper for connecting Oracle Database

Environment Oracle 7.3,Visual Basic 5.0, Win 98

• Material Management System
This application is useful for maintaining up to date stock position of the materials. This
system will automatically take care of indenting the raw materials required periodically in
most efficient way, which helps the concerned managerial staff in making appropriate job.

• Develop GUI screens for user input.
• Writing stored procedures to get data from database
• Involved in brainstorming sessions with team members

Environment Oracle 7.1,Visual Basic 4.0, Win95

• Personal Information System.
This project maintains information related to the Indian Institute of chemical technology
(IICT) staff members, their pay scale details, employee details, employee dependents,
qualifications, category and appointment details. This application provides employee
vacation details and issues office memorandums to the employees. It generates annually
details of each employee.

• Involved in developing GUI screens for user input.
• Writing stored procedures to get data from database
• Involved in brainstorming sessions with team members

Environment Oracle 7.1, Developer 2000, Win95

• Hospital Management System.
This system keeps track of patient details who approach diagnostic center to undergo
tests prescribed by the Doctors. It keeps track of revenue collections from patients
through consulting as well as diagnostics. The modules in the package are registration,
consultation, billing enquires, tests, appointments and service charges

• Involved in developing GUI screens for user input
• Writing stored procedures in oracle
• Involved in generating reports using oracle reports

Environment Oracle 7.1,Developer 2000, Win 95

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• 17+ years of extensive and diversified hands-on technology experience in small, medium, and large sized organizations in SQL Server Database Administration, SQL Server Datawarehousing, Software/internet application analysis, design, development, quality assurance, and project management.
• Strong skills in Microsoft SQL Server Database with 10 years of backend administration and programming experience.
• Proven ability in using Client/Server and DNA architecture based applications in MS SQL Server, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages 2.0, ERWin, DataMirror, MS Access, SYBASE, ORACLE, Informix, ODBC, SQL Windows, C, C++, XML/XSL, COM, COM+ environment,
• 4 years of Application Development experience using Visual Basic 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0,
• 2 years of ASP/MS-Access and
• 2 years of development using XML/XSL,
• 3 years of datawarehousing in MS Analysis Manager.
• Excellent team player with effective communication and analytical skills to deliver technology solutions.
• Hands-on manager with over seventeen years of diversified management and technology experience in small to medium sized organizations.
• Proven ability to execute strategies, business development management, branch management, software life cycle management, and project management over a broad range of products (business development, purchasing, training & administration).
• Strong skills in organization, decision making, delegation, and people management.
• Excellent communication and analytical skills to deliver technology and consulting solutions.
• Proven track record in analyzing business requirements for large-scale applications and integration.

Major clients:
Digital Equipments
Texas Instruments

Technical Skills:
RDBMS MS SQL Server 4.2/6.0/6.5/7.0/2000, MS-Access 95/97/2000, ORACLE 6.0/7.0/8.0/11/11i, GuptaSQL, Informix 7.2, Sybase
GUI Visual Basic 3.0/ 4.0/5.0/6.0, SQL Windows, Active Server Pages 2.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, VB Script, Java Script, Visual Studio, ActiveX, Visio
Languages C, C++, HTML, FORTRAN, XML/XSL
Systems SUNOS, OS/2, UNIX, HP-UX, MS-DOS, Windows NT, Windows 95/98/2000, MS Transaction Server, COM, DCOM, Crystal Reports, MSProject, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Cold Fusion, MS IIS, IDC, MS DNA, .NET Siteminder, Veritas Backup system 9.0, MS Analysis Manager
Netware Novell Netware


1983 Master of Science, Mathematics, IITDelhi, India.

1984 Master of Science, Computer Science, IITKharagpur, India

1981 Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, University of Madras, India.

Professional Experience:

Agricredit Acceptance Company LLC, Des Moines, Iowa Dec 2002 – March 2003
• Sync-ed the logical model with physical model through ERWIN 4.2.
• Did extensive writing of DTS packages to transfer data from Excel data sheets to Database for master load. Did co-ordination of team.
• Wrote around 25 stored procedures, giving permissions to tables, database and views. Defined user roles, and security logins through Enterprise Manager.
• Used SQL Profiler to monitor the execution sequence of SQL scripts.
• Created, backed-up, and restored databases through SQL Wizards.
• Also, established maintenance plans through xp_sqlmaint in Database Maintenance in Enterprise Manager.
• Wrote stored procedures for giving permissions automatically for users for new user-tables, views, and stored procedures.
• Used DataMirror to setup and monitor replication servers.
• Database Administration, Datawarehousing, Database Modeling, Architecting, design, and development in SQL Server 2000, .NET, VB, ASP
• Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions

Life Techniques Inc, Dallas, Texas Oct 2002 – Nov 2002
• Architect and designed a MS SQL Server 2000 database for SmokeSignals application that helps the program/technical managers for monitoring/tracking the plan for smokers.

NEC/DCM, Irving, Texas July 2002 – Sep 2002
• Modified the existing database tables for Demand Chain Management application in SQL Server 7.0 to 2000. Converted the database from Sybase to MSSQLserver 2000.
• Maintained the SQL Server Database and performed Tuning, Backups, DTS
• MS SQL Server 2000 backend programming of stored procedures, and queries. Very good in English Language queries.

3Soft Inc, Austin, TX June 2001 – June 2002
Senior DBA
• Daily support of (72) systems wide replication tasks, including monitoring, troubleshooting, and repair using DataMirror.
• Performed Data Definition and Data Modeling.
• Daily support, troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization and tuning of server and SQL server environments across entire system.
• Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
• Verify SQL Server services (SQL Server, SQL EXEC and SQL Mail) status on daily and hourly basis.
• Development of automated daily, weekly and monthly system maintenance tasks such as database backup, database synchronization and statistics verification.
• Optimization and automation of data loading procedures for accounting, pricing, and catalog, development of data test and staging servers, and creation of policies to guide use of same.
• Performed operating system and database performance monitoring and tuning. Utilized OLTP, OLAP, ODBC, OLE-DB, and T-SQL for monitoring SQL Server jobs in Windows NT applications.
• Created new and modified existing databases, Tables, Indexes, Stored Procedures, and Triggers in SQL Server 6.5/7.0 as necessary based on organizational needs.
• Established backup and recovery procedures for all application production data.
• Export and import data from various MSSQL server 6.5/7.0/2000, AS/400 and XL data using DTS and BCP.
• Set up the security using .NET Siteminder
• Maintained the SQL Server Database and performed Tuning, Backups, DTS
• Headed development activities, and led a team of engineers in the development of a web promotion application.
Environment: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server and Professional Series, Lotus, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, OLTP, OLAP, ODBC, OLE-DB, T-SQL, Visual Basic 6.0.

BrightStreet.Com, Cupertino, CA Jan 2001 – May 2001
Database Software Manager
• Involved in Installation, Backup, Recovery and Database security.
• Involved in huge Production, Development, Testing servers support with database size more than 60Gig.
• Performed Data Definition and Data Modeling.
• Proven experience in DTS and BCP utility
• Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
• Setup User Logins, Accounts and Permissions both on NT and SQL Server
• Used ODBC in-depth from various client applications to connect to SQL Server.
• Performed database Optimizations, Performance Tuning and consistency checks regularly
• Vast Experience in Conversion of MS-Access/Oracle databases to SQL SERVER databases.
• Excelled in Replication Methodologies, and used DataMirror.
• Hands on experience in Clustering and Fail over Methods.
• Played a major role in NT administration and Security Policies.
• Solid experience in Data Transformation techniques.
• Maintained the SQL Server Database and performed Tuning, Backups, DTS
• Excellent hands on experience in migration from SQL SERVER 6.5, 7.0 to 2000.
Environment: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server and Professional Series, ORACLE 11i, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, OLTP, OLAP, ODBC, OLE-DB, T-SQL.

The Boston Group, Northboro, MA April 96 - Dec 2000
Project Lead/DBA/Consultant
• Developed an auction based B2B application. Designed and developed the web pages for seller-side functions. Wrote ASP code for User Bid registration page, Bid detail, counter-bid pages, contract load/unload interface, and email functions. Used MSTS, IIS, XML.
• Did MSSQL Server stored proc libraries for backend.
• Performed Data Definition and Data Modeling.
• Fixed bugs in the web application LoanApp.com.
• Provided enhancements in the LoanApp.com modules. Worked with system, and development team for providing code changes in LoanApp admin module. Added features such as email (broadcast, and configuration) and pagination for affiliates and marketing reports. Used XML, COM & DCOM extensively. Extensively programmed in SQL Server.
• Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
• Troubleshooted in Crystal Reports. Audited the code for Y2K compliance.
• Developed a Monitor tool for a web application. Used Web Control, and MAPI.
• Did MSSQL Server 7.0 installation, loaded the database, and imported data from files. Did Backup, and restore.
• Provided help in resolving, and closing the Trouble Tickets for IT Support.
• Developed an Internal Wiring Scheduler tool. Used grid control, ODBC, XML, and Visio.
• Did design, and development of Web pages for Invoice Management system. Programmed in ASP, and designed the form in Visual Interdev. Set up of the MS SQL Server 6.5, and of the database for test purposes. Tested the system and delivered the product. Used XML/XSL.
• Designed the SQL Server database for PeopleSoft surveys.
• Designed and developed web pages for Product Repository Systems. Integrated the DLLs for scrolling the Data pages.
• Developed System Parameters, Loanet Parameters, Bank Loan Exclusions, User List, Group List and 10 other forms in VB 5.0.
• Also, developed the system error handling. Fixed bugs in the Loanet System. Replaced Sheridan Controls with MS Controls.
• Fixed up bugs in Server Programs. Used rdo technology. Worked on NT.
• Ported the application from VB 3.0 to VB 4.0, and VB 5.0; migrated it from Access to MS SQL Server.
• Used ODBC technology. Worked on NT server.
• Created BCP scripts for back up and restore of various tables in IMWalkthru system.
• Coordinated between Business, Technical, and Operations for resolving technical issues.
• Tested MS SQL Server stored procedures. Wrote Visual Basic stubs for database operations using ODBC. Worked on GUI of CoilSelect module.
• Programmed the DetailWorklist module. Provided consulting to the team on MS SQL Server 6.5,and Visual Basic 4.0 programming.
• Designed the Security module. Provided creative solution for security. Wrote MS SQL Server scripts and did 87 stored procedures. Built the business logic into the stored procedures for Patient Information, Referrals, and Claim modules. Conceived the idea, created and loaded the security lookup and the security audit tables with data given by the providers. Worked on SQL for PeopleSoft application.
• Identified bugs, and fixed them. Also, helped in preparation of small system design document. Designed forms in Visual Basic 4.0 for Correspondence module. Also, redesigned the existing forms for incorporating new features. Did OLE automation. Designed the MS WORD 7.0 templates for OLE communications. Worked on SQL for PeopleSoft application.
• Maintained the SQL Server Database and performed Tuning, Backups, DTS
• Designed Core database, and subsystem databases in MS SQL Server 6.0. Design of Floor Planning subsystem in Sieman's Document storage product.
• Designed and developed the Americas Menu Reporting System. This product collects all data in a flat file and converts them into MS-SQL Server 4.2 tables and loads the data through Visual Basic 3.0 interface.
• Designed the SQL Server database tables and summary for corporate analysis of Marketing and Support function's performance.
Environment: Windows NT 4.0/95/98, ORACLE 11i, SQL Server 6.5/7.0, OLTP, OLAP, ODBC, OLE-DB, T-SQL, Visual Basic 4.0/5.0/6.0, ASP, Java Script, XML/XSL, COM, DCOM, MS DNA

Syntel, Inc., Cary, NC. Oct 94 - March 96
Project Lead
• Performed Data Definition and Data Modeling.
• Developed functional specifications for Ensure 6.0. Developed auto mail facility for the reports to reach the security administrators. Development and support in Batman (a scheduler for OS/2). It provides command level interface for the users to submit their jobs to MS-DOS and OS/2. It provides API also. Designed and developed functions to manipulate the input and output queue.
• Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
• Maintained the SQL Server Database and performed Tuning, Backups, DTS
• Developed a loan sanctioning system. It keeps track of loan application, eligibility, and delinquency. It calculates the interest and installment details. Responsible for leading the Analysis team; Review of Design; Validation of data flow and control flow diagrams; Scheduling and monitoring; Helping Programmers; Tracking the errors in programs. Interfacing with the client.
Environment: Windows 3.2/95, SQL Server 4.2/6.0, Visual Basic 3.0, C

Nucleus Software, Chennai, India. Oct 93 – Sep 94 Project Facilitator
• Involved in Installation, Backup, Recovery and Database security.
• Wrote Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions
• Setup User Logins, Accounts and Permissions both on NT and SQL Server
• Used ODBC in-depth from various client applications to connect to SQL Server.
• Performed database Optimizations, Performance Tuning and consistency checks regularly
• Maintained the SQL Server Database and performed Tuning, Backups, DTS

Environment: Windows NT 4.0, Server and Professional Series, SQL Server.

Wipro Systems Ltd, Bangalore, India. Mar 86 - Sep 93
Manager – Projects
• Technical Review of design and programs. Coordinated a team of 42 people. Error prediction and tracking. Prepared of QA plan for various modules. Implementation of QA Plan.
• Reviewed functional specification and design. Prepared QA plan. Client interface and management. Billing and payment follow-up. Coordinated the team. Tested the programs. Planned the project and schedule. Technical Communication.

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Seven years of experience in C++, VC++, COM, ATL, MFC, Object-Oriented Software Development (OOAD) with involvement in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
o Strong Skills in C, C++, Win32 API’s, Visual C++ (MFC), COM+, COM / DCOM, STL, ATL.
o Strong Skills in Programming Multi-threading, COM, GUI & DLL Applications & Windows Services.
o Strong Skills in Programming COM components using ATL, ISAPI Applications.
o Strong Skills in using Kernel objects like Shared-memory, Mutex, Events and Threads.
o Strong Skills in Programming with TCP/IP Protocol, HTTP, Socket Programming.
o Strong Skills in using MS SQL Server, ORACLE, MS Access Databases
o Strong Skills in Programming ASP, JavaScript, XML applications.
o Working Knowledge of C#, ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET ( .NET Framework)
o Experience in Programming with MAPI, TAPI, MSMQ, IBM MQ.
o Good Experience in using Install Shield, VSS and PVCS, CVS, Rational Rose
o Knowledge of Automated Testing Tools (Rational Robot, WinRunner)
o Good Experience in Finance, Automation and Internet/Web Related Software.

Technical Skills
Languages/Tools : C, C++, Visual C++, MFC, C#, STL, ATL, Win32, Visual Basic
Database Systems : Oracle 8i/9i, MS Access 7.0, MS SQL Server 2000
Operating Systems : DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT, Win2K
Version Control VSS, PVCS, CVS, Source Gear Vault
Technology : ActiveX, COM, DCOM, XML, COM+, ISAPI, TAPI, MSMQ, MQ
Domains : Trading, Finance, Simulation, Semi Conductor

Professional Experience:

Client: TD Waterhouse, New Jersey Aug 2004 – Apr 2005

Morningstar Integration:

The goal of the Morningstar initiative was to generate additional revenue by attracting more Mutual Fund assets from: customers who own mutual funds, those who do not own mutual funds, and new customers who are more mutual fund oriented investors. To achieve this, mutual fund research provider experience for the TD Waterhouse customers is supplied by Morningstar ( www.morningstar.com) for retail, internal, and institutional websites.

1.> I was responsible for the creation of Technical Application Design for the Morningstar Integration after reviewing the Business and the Functional Document
2.> I was responsible for developing the Vendor API’s which were used for communication with different vendors like Keeping the Communication alive, Sending Customer Holdings Data, Error handling and sending the proper response for the query-string received from various vendors.
3.> I was responsible for designing and developing four C++ classes as part of the Vendor API which were part of the ISAPI dll.
4.> I was responsible for developing the communication code using windows sockets ( TCP/IP ) to the COMTAPI using COM interfaces for obtaining the current market data and updating the database.
5.> I was responsible for communication with the SQL Server database to extract the Morningstar variable values from the database.
6.> I was responsible for setting the development environment for the Testing of the project.

C / C++ / VC++/ C# / ISAPI / COM / MS SQL Server / HTML / ASP / VSS

ADP Re-pricing:

The ADP Re-pricing project detailed new, lower priced and simpler active trader pricing. It also outlined the creation of a new active trader tier (Platinum). Platinum is for active trader customers who execute 30 or more trades per calendar quarter or have $500,000 in Customer Asset Value. Along with adding the new Platinum tier it also involved the upgrade of the old tier users to the Platinum.

1.> I was responsible for the development of the new c++ classes for the Platinum tier to be added the webBroker code ( ISAPI dll )
2.> I was responsible for removing the old c++ classes code from the project for the legacy tiers which were updated to Platinum.
3.> I was responsible in the development of the TD Waterhouse website ( HTML/ASP pages) for the Re-pricing changes to incorporate the changes for the new Platinum tier.
4.> I was responsible for the unit testing and setting up the development environment.
5.> I was responsible for developing the COM interfaces code to make calls to the modified COM components in the project.
6.> I was responsible for communication with COMTAPI using windows sockets to update the database.
7.> I was responsible for creating the WebService using C# which is used by TDW.net for testing the ADP Re-pricing functionality.

C / C++ / VC++/ C# / ISAPI / COM / Socket / MS SQL Server / HTML / ASP / VSS

Client: State Street Corporation, New Jersey September 2003 - Aug 2004

A product of State Street Corporation (www.statestreet.com), PAM is an Investment Management software solution for institutional investors. It is being used by various Insurance Companies, Investment Advisors, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Banks, Corporate Treasuries, Etc. PAM takes care of accounting and portfolio management for a variety of transactions for different security types and portfolio types. Also PAM generates statutory reports for insurance clients and NAV for mutual funds.

N- Basis Portfolio, PAM (Princeton Asset Management System)

PAM currently supports 5 standard accounting bases and a sixth basis for Average Cost Accounting. This enhancement was required to establish N-Basis functionality to enable the recording and accounting for assets under the rules and procedures promulgated by the International Accounting Standards Board. The board has established International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that define how assets are to be accounted for under the new basis.

• I was involved in creation of Technical Application Design for the N-Basis Portfolio Module after reviewing the Business and the Project Design.
• I was responsible for Design of MFC classes for the module and also converting the legacy code written using C language to C++ classes.
• I was responsible for Developing the GUI for the module implementing various validations using MFC.
• The application used Multithreading extensively to communicate with the other COM Components.
• I was responsible in Development and Unit Testing of Messaging Module which implemented storing of records from the GUI to the Oracle Database using OCI.
• I was responsible for Developing C++ class, which would extract data from the MQ server.
C / C++ / VC++ / COM / ATL / ORACLE 9i / OCI /MQ / CVS

PAM User Access Reports, Princeton Asset Management System
This project’s purpose is to provide a suite of Audit Reports that can be processed within a PAM database, to yield security information about Users’ access rights to the database. These reports will provide information in the following areas:
• Summary report of security information and access rights about individual users.
• Report of permissions granted by permission group.
• Report of user access to portfolios and manager groups through Security Blotters

• I was involved in creation of Technical Application Design for the PAM User Access Reports Module after reviewing the Business and Project Design.
• I was responsible for Development of C++ classes involving Link Lists implementation.
• I was responsible for developing the GUI for the module implementing various validations using MFC.
• I was involved in creating the Wrapper class which would extract the data from the MQ Server
• I was responsible for Unit Testing of the module by creating a Standalone Client application using ATL.
C / C++ / VC++ / COM / ATL / MQ / Source Gear Vault

Client: DoubleClick, New York

Ad-Serving Component, User Information Server (UIS) November 2002 - August 2003

Ad-Serving Components consists of various Applications that are responsible for Selection and fetching of the “Ad” to the user’s browser depending on the location and other various factors. UIS is responsible for the storing of the user data and various Ad-Servers using the HTTP request. UIS maintains a huge amount of user information data and keeps them in the RAM for faster accessing and uses maps to retrieve the data. It allows the Ad-Server to add, delete, and modify user requests through the HTTP requests.

• I was involved in the Development, Unit Testing of Module that was responsible for extracting the data from the MSMQ queues and later on depending on the category of the Data, the data was passed on to various Message Handlers which store the data to the ORACLE Database.
• The Various Message Handlers, which were implemented using MFC classes.
• The UIS implemented IOCP to communicate with the Ad-Server using C++ classes


DoubleClick , New York
DART SpotLight Reports January 2002 - October 2002

The Reporting project consisted of various reporting applications that is used by DART for Advertisers and DART for Publishers. The different reporting applications are:
1. Actuals Reports: These reports display standard report data for the Advertiser, Campaign and Ad level. The standard report data is the actual number of times and ad is served or users click on an Ad. This information includes impressions, clicks and click-rate. Actuals Reports also displays information about the Criteria and Summaries at the Ad and Campaign level.
2. Query Tool Reports: These reports display information on the performance of Advertisers, Campaigns and Ads. The performance is measured based on a list of metrics that can be selected by the user while generating the reports.

• Involved in development of module using C++ Class, which involved the transfer of data between the Adserver and Report server. The Report server used CORBA specification for communication with the Adserver
• Wrote stored procedures and functions for database routines
• Involved in Design of various new fields to the Messages in the classes that were used by MQ server in Geographic reports and Query Tool Reports.
• Involved in Modification of code which writes the Data to the ORACLE Database using OCI.
• Involved in Performance testing of the application.
VC++/ CORBA/ XML/XSL, Java Script/ Oracle8i / IIS/JRUN / MQ/JDBC/ VSS

Client: IBM, Connecticut

Tool Connector (Host Software) July 2001 - December 2001

Tool Connector is a complete SECS implementation Host-end SEMI standards. Tool Connector can be used to communicate according to the SECS-I (RS-232) or HSMS-SS (TCP/IP) communication standards. Send SECS messages one at a time, as defined in a customized Visual -SML Editor® file, or Save message scripts for automated testing or for building stand-alone host applications and equipment test suites.

• Involved in initial system study and preparation of requirements specification.
• Developed moderate level TCP/IP communication between host and the client applications using MFC socket classes.
• Implemented the configuration utility - for the host software in Tool Connector, which stores the Data in MS Access database using DAO.
• Regression testing was performed along with stress test for communication between 50 equipments simultaneously.

VC++ / Windows NT / ActiveX / DAO / Sockets /Assembly Language

Client: Electroglas Inc, San Jose, California

RS-232 Protocol & HSMS-SS Implementation September 2000 - June 2001

This is the implementation of SEMI standards SECS-(E4) & HSMS-SS(E-37) for communication over SECS links to make the Electroglas Equipment software communicate with GEMCom. This engine implements state models defined by SEMI standards E4/E37.

• Involved in design and development of RS-232 module ( Serial Communication ) for communication with host using c++ classes which wrapped the call to Win32 API’s.
• This module uses Multithreading extensively to implement various State Levels which are required as per the SEMI specification E4.
• Responsible for testing of the module using Visual Basic
VC++ / Windows NT / Visual Basic / COM / TCP-IP / RS-232 / VSS

Client: Inspex Technologies, Massachusetts.

Components for GEMCom 300mm April 2000 - August 2000

GEMCom, the Automation Server which communicates with the Host System via HSMS-SS(TCP/IP) or SECS-I (RS-232) Protocol following all the standards as specified by SEMI ( Semiconductor Equipment Material International ). GEMCom is a multi connecting server which can have simultaneously connect to many Hosts Systems. I was involved in implementing capabilities for Spooling Messages, Limits Monitoring, Alarm Management, Data Collection, Limits Monitoring. These Capabilities are implemented as Components (Inproc Server) which would then be used by GEMCom depending on the host request.

• Involved in design and development of Limits monitoring and Trace Messages module using inproc COM Server using ATL, providing Serialization, firing of events to GEMCom, Synchronization of the variables and updating the variables in the MS Access Database
• Developed Multithreading module using MFC classes in GEMCom to use the Components for Limits Monitoring and Trace Messages.
• Wrote Client for GEMCom using ATL to test Limits Monitoring and Trace Messages.
• Developed GUI changes which were required for implementing the Limits Monitoring and Trace Messages Module.
• Developed Scripts for preparing installables of GEMCom using InstallShield.
VC++ / Socket / TCP-IP / COM+ / ActiveX / ATL / DAO / VSS / InstallShield

Client: August Technologies, Minneapolis

E10 and E58 SEMI Standards Implementation January 2000 - March 2000

The E10 and E58 are the SEMI (SemiConductor Equipment Materials International) standards defined by SEMI (www.semi.org) for the Automation of the Inspection tool. Both of these standards are responsible for calculation of the Availability, Reliability, and Maintainability of the Equipment. The E10 module is implemented as a simple class where as E58 is implemented as a COM component (Inproc Server) in GEMCom, which is exposed to the client for maintaining the above calculations. The E58 module stores all the state transitions of the Equipment in the Database (Access MDB) that on request from Host by remote commands it sends the data to the host using SECS-II messages.

• I was Involved in Design and Development of E10 Module which was implemented as an C++ class to provide various calculations for Availability, Reliability, and Maintainability of the Equipment.
• Was Involved in Development of COM Component using ATL for E58 which was responsible for storing the variables of the 300 mm standard, to the MS Access Database using DAO.
• Wrote Triggers for the database routines.
• Developing GUI for holding the E10 and E58 variables in the Variable Manager Module along with various validations.
• Was responsible for Testing of GemCOM by creating dummy test application using ATL along with Testing with hosts like Secsimpro, ConnexSys.
C++ /VC++ / COM / DCOM / ATL / MS Access / DAO / VSS

Tri-angle Simulation Pvt. Ltd.

Client: HPCL, India September 1999 - July 2000
Animation Module for Refineries

This module involved the implementation of Adding Animation to different Controls which Simulated the behaviour of various Controls in the Refinery. Windows Meta Files ( WMF ) were designed and created as per the requirements of the Refinery Plant by Chemical Engineers, which were later on integrated within the TSPL ( Tri-angle Simulation Software ) to Simulate the flow of various liquids/chemicals.

• Involved in implementing the Algorithm for the fluid flow in Refineries
• I was responsible for the Development of various MFC classes which used the Windows GDI API’s for drawing, which was implemented as ActiveX control which was used in TSPL, an MDI application.
• I was responsible for the Unit Testing of the ActiveX control using Visual Basic.
• Developed Scripts for preparing the required installables for the clients using InstallShield.

VC++ / WMF / Windows GDI / Visual Basic / COM / ActiveX / VSS / InstallShield

Client: MSEB, Nagpur
MSEB, Panel Controls June 1998 - August 1999

This module involved the implementation of different ActiveX controls which Simulated the behavior of various Controls in the Power Plant of MSEB (Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Nagpur). Windows Meta Files ( WMF ) were designed and created as per the requirements of the Power Plant by Experts which were later on integrated within the TSPL ( Tri-angle Simulation Software ) to Simulate the behavior of the Controls.

• Involved in Development of inproc COM component which simulated the behaviour of an Alarm button and notified other COM components of the TSPL using Connection Point Mechanism.
• Involved in bug fixing of various c++ classes which were responsible for interacting with various COM components.
• Developed GUI validations in MDI application in TSPL
• Modified Code for Socket Communication (TCP/IP) between the TSPL server and the TSPL client
• Involved in unit testing of COM component for an Alarm button using Visual Basic.
• Developed Scripts for preparing the required installables for the clients using InstallShield.

C / C++ / VC++ / Windows GDI / TCP-IP / Visual Basic / COM / ActiveX / VSS

Education / Certification:

o Pursuing Masters in Computer Applications from Chennai University, 2004.
o Bachelor of Science from Bombay University, 1998.
o 33 Months Advanced Software Engineering Diploma from Datapro I.T., Mumbai, 1999.
o BrainBench Certified C++ programmer.( transcript ID is <....> )

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Post by DP » 24 Jun 2005 18:17

Utilize my analysis, design, development, testing, project management and client-interaction skills in a rewarding and challenging position to meet corporate objectives.

Over 10 years of professional experience in Software Analysis & Design, Development, Project Management, Testing, Documentation and Implementation of Client/Server, Object Oriented Technology and Web applications, using Visual C++, C++, MFC,ATL, STL, COM/DCOM, Visual Basic, SQL-Server, Oracle, UML, Rational Rose, MS Visio, Windows and UNIX
• Extensively worked with Visual C++, MFC, ATL COM, C++, C, Visual Basic environment.
• Good experience in developing COM/DCOM and COM components in ATL Wizard in VC++ and also in VB
• Very good hands on experience with SQL Server and Oracle8i (PL/SQL) databases
• Proficiency in .NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET and ADO.NET
• Good experience in applying UML, Rational Rose and MS Visio
• Proficient in Web Applications development using ASP .NET and ASP
• Four years of experience on Web Application Servers IIS
• Proficient in tools Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6, Visual InterDev, Front-Page
• Very good hands on Experience with Data Access methods like ODBC, ADO
• Experience in Java
• Excellent in developing XML applications, XSL, XSLT and CSS.
• Good experience in VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, JHTML, and DHTML.
• Operating Systems Windows XP/2000 /Me/ NT / 98 / 95 / 3.x, Unix (Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Linux).
• Developed various applications and tools in Client-Server, N-tier and web based architecture
• Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Personal Traits
Team player, energetic, quality and productivity conscious, flexible, quickly adaptable to new development environments and development methodologies

Computer Skills:

Operating Systems : Windows 2000/XP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98/95, UNIX, and MS-DOS.
Programming Languages : C, C++, Visual C++, JAVA, C#, .NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Win32API Programming, Java, SQL and PL/SQL.
GUI : Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++
Scripting Languages : VBScript and JavaScript, XML, XSL, XSLT, HTML and DHTML.
Web Servers : Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0,WebLogic
Utilities &
Technologies : MFC, COM / DCOM, ATL, STL,.NET, ASP, JSP, ActiveX, ADO, ODBC, DLL’s, Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio, Visual InterDev, FrontPage Editor, Web Services in .NET, UML and Rational Rose
RDBMS/DBMS : Oracle 6.x & 8i, MS-SQL Server 7.0/2000
Miscellaneous : Clear Case, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Install Shield, Bounds Checker, PVCS
Professional Experience:

Client Location Duration
Verizon Communications TX, USA Dec 2001 – Present
Reliacast Inc VA, USA Mar 2001 – Nov 2001
Tower Street VA, USA Sep 2000 – Feb 2001
Honeywell Inc Bangalore, India & MN, USA Mar 1998 – Aug 2001
Yazdi Software Mgmt Pvt. Ltd Chennai, India Aug 1994 – July 1996

Educational Qualifications:

Masters of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering from REC, Warangal, India
Bachelors of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering from Andhra University, India

Work Experience:

Verizon Communications, Irving, TX Dec ‘01 – Present
(As a consultant)

IOBI Services – Developed Click To Dial (CTD) and Voice Activated Dialing (VAD) features as services, primarily for use of IOBI (Verizon’s state-of-the-art communications portal). This project employs a socket communication server and a component for each kind of service. The socket communication server talks with IPe (Intelligent Peripheral) in a proprietary protocol called SR3511 to make real time voice calls happen and components provide the information required for the call to the communication server. Also developed different user interfaces for accessing these services.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• As a Lead Developer involved in System Requirement Specifications, Study, Analysis and Design
• Developed an ATL COM component called SR3511 Service for handling SR3511 protocol. This is implemented as NT Service
• Implemented CTD/VAD NT Services in ATL/STL/COM which will utilize the services of SR3511 services to make CTD and VAD calls respectively. They communicate to SR3511 Service via COM
• Developed ATL server with Server Response Files (.srf) which provide API services for CTD and VAD and also for monitoring the services.
• Developed whole database for the project including Stored Procedures, for data manipulation and access, in MS SQL Server
• Developed generic VC++ classes for database access using ADO.
• Implemented generic VC++ class for logging to text file
• Developed VC++ MFC UI testing applications for socket server and for making test calls.
• Involved in the whole production deployment process of these CTD/VAD services
• Used Rational Clear Case for software configuration management (SCM)

Environment: Visual C++, COM, ATL, STL, ADO, XML, HTTP, IIS, SQL Server, Socket Communication and Clear Case

One Click Voice Gear – This application uploads the contacts from desktop to web based Voice Gear application with one click of the user. For this, application extracts the contacts from the local address books which could be either from Microsoft Outlook or from Microsoft Outlook Express or from Lotus Notes and these extracted contacts are stored in the respective file format and later uploaded. Initially for authentication of user this tool communicates with the SSO and later might prompt user for password for the local address book. Once successfully uploaded, users can access the contacts from web bases voice gear application.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Developed UI for the application in VC++/MFC
• Developed code to communicated and extract contacts form local address books using COM components exposed by Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus notes.
• Extracted contacts are stored in to respective file format and to later upload to web based voice gear.
• Used XMLHTTP post for initial user authentication from SSO and for file uploading
• UI has progress bar which displays the progress of the upload process
• For deployment packaged the application for one click download from the web using Install Shield.
• Used Rational Clear Case for software configuration management (SCM)

Environment: Visual C++, MFC, COM, STL, XML, HTTP, IIS and Clear Case

IOBI Pocket PC – The IOBI service uses infrastructure of all the Verizon networks - wire, wireless, data or IP - to link a customer's various communication devices into one seamless, customized, personal communications network. It lets customers manage phone calls, voice mails, calendars, address books, e-mails and more, using wire and wireless phones, computers, laptops and PDAs. This project is developing the Pocket PC access point for IOBI.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Defining implementation strategies to bring IOBI services into Pocket PC wireless PDA systems.
• Design and implement Real Time Call Management using XML over TCP/IP sockets and HTML / Web Services over HTTP.
• Implementing User Interface using ASP /XSL/XML.
• Client IOBI application development using eVC++/MFC.
• Pocket Internet Explorer integration into the MFC application.
• Integration with Pocket PC today’s screen.
• Coordinating with testing centers.
• Managing web based installation programs.
• Packaging and coordinating with Data Centers.
• Source code management using Rational ClearCase tools.

Environment: Visual Studio.Net, eVC++ 3.0/4.0, PocketPC SDK 2002/2003.

Pilots of Web-based version of Communication Portal (CommPortal)
The portal has provision for displaying the user's Messages, Events like caller ID etc from which the users can manage their Communication requirements like retrieving messages like emails, voicemails, knowing the current schedule (Day View or Week View), managing personal information like scheduling and forwarding calls to different phone numbers and keeping in touch with friends using Address Book etc.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Designed and deployed NT Service for pushing Caller IDs using VC++ and COM.
• Designed and deployed COM Components in VB 6.0 and COM+ for database and mail server interactions.
• XML Data was transferred between various mail servers, databases and then displayed using XSL.
• Designed and developed web pages using HTML, CSS.
• Used WML, WML Script and other WAP technology like Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit for the Mobile Version of CommPortal.
• Used Desktop Handheld PC Pro Emulator and Microsoft Embedded Visual tools for the PocketPC version of CommPortal.
• Developed a .Net prototype of CommPortal using ASP.NET, VB.NET, in Visual Studio.NET.
• Developed an Intranet Project Management Site using ASP, JavaScript and DHTML.

Environment: VC++, VB 6.0, ATL, COM+/MTS, XML, XSL, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, 2000, Microsoft Embedded Visual tools, Windows 2000, OFFICE 2000,

Reliacast Inc, Herndon VA March ’01 – Nov ’01

Reliacast makes Web casting a viable business solution by allowing network service providers and content delivery networks to better optimize their bandwidth and better understand their audiences. The Reliacast Solution consists of the ReliaServer™, Net Agent™, the Virtual Turnstile™, and R-Ticket™ software components. These components reside in the service provider’s network linking and processing event interaction from the end-user to the content provider through the network. Both the service and content providers have live views of event data at any point in time.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Developed GUI application R-Ticket Manager™ using VC++, MFC to manage R-Tickets™.
• For Virtual Turnstile™ :
• Developed browser side registration component as an ActiveX using ATL-COM which will register and generate tickets at end user machine.
• Developed Event Manager ActiveX using ATL-COM to communicate from browser side of the Player to ReliaServer™ through the Net Agent™. This component sends data like event join time, watch time and quality of service (QOS) to log at ORACLE database.
• Developed Win32 DLLs which are used by above ActiveX controls. These DLLs run some functions in separate threads and uses critical section objects to avoid overwriting of common data.
• Developed one click download installation of Virtual Turnstile™, using Install Shield, while customizing installation by adding necessary Install Shield Scripts.
• Developed Netscape Plug-ins in C++ using Plug-in SDK and JRE for Netscape browser users
• Written JavaScript templates which are used to generate event pages having Real or Media players embedded to view the event and also to download Virtual Turnstile™.
• Written ASP pages to update the installation automatically.
• Involved in testing and quality assurance by writing test cases and executing them.

Environment: Pentium PC, Windows NT/2K/ME/98, VC++ 6.0, MFC, ATL, JavaScript, ORACLE, ASP, HTML, Install Shield, PVCS, Tracker

Tower Street, Herndon, VA Sep ’00 – Feb ‘99

TowerStreet is a B2B Insurance Exchange providing integrated end-to-end insurance information and automation system for consumers, agents, companies and providers. TowerStreet is powered by Nordic technology -a transaction based n-tier architecture built on top of Microsoft DNA Platform. Nordic is B2B E-Commerce Application for Automation of Insurance Business on Internet..

Roles & Responsibilities:

• TSClient2.ocx is an Active-X control developed using ATL-COM. It is being called from both the front end and middle tier components. It supports features like download a file, upload a file, mail merge. The mail merge for Word is being implemented using Automation and Account system management- The GUI is implemented using ATL Property pages and uses COM-Aggregation
• Developed BLIHTMLReports a middle tier ATL-COM (MTS) component which exports the current quote transaction to XML format and applies XSL to it.
• Developed an UI component using VC++, MFC and ADO to create/modify/delete report templates.
• Developed BLIBroadcast a middle tier ATL-COM (MTS) component which allows the client to view broadcast messages
• Used ADO methods to connect to SQL Server7.0 database from ATL components.
• Written JScript and ASP files to generate the reports by applying appropriate XSL to XML data given.
• Created XSL style sheets to be applied for Auto and Home reports

Environment: Pentium PC, Windows NT, VC++ 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, ASP, VB Script, XML, XSL, MTS, HTML, ADO, IIS, SQL Server 7.0

Honeywell India Solutions Systems, Bangalore, India (SEI-Level 5 certified) Mar ’98 – Aug ’00

LonSpec is a configuration and monitoring tool for HVAC controllers developed by Honeywell for Echelon Bus. This tool is used to engineer, configure, commission and checkout field installations. It supports XL15s and XL10s type controllers of Honeywell. This tool contains a main application developed in VC++ and MFC and for each controller such as XL15A and XL15B a DLL is provided for configuration. With this architecture, a new controller can be easily supported by adding a new DLL.

Roles & Responsibilities:
 Used Object Oriented Programming in the project and did the design of the components in UML using Rational Rose.
• Designed and developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the product using Visual C++ MFC classes and Win32 API’s.
• Designed and developed the Device Status component using ATL COM which was responsible for listing information about each device in a project .
• Used Multithreading to run the optimization engine in the background.
• Designed and developed the Document Project COM component which was an Active X control responsible for network and project summary and device configuration reports.
• Designed and developed the database support required for saving and loading project information using MS Access with Visual C++ MFC ODBC classes .
 Did system and integration testing of the product with Bounds Checker.
• Acted as Software Configuration Management (SCM) focal (used Clear Case tool) for the entire LonSpec that involved creating the views, merging the files and giving the build files to the build manager etc.
• Followed SEI CMM Level 5 for quality process in this project.

Environment: Visual C++ 6.0, MFC, MS Access, ClearCase, Install Shield, OOPS, ODBC, IBM PC Pentium II, Windows NT/95/98, UML, Rational Rose

ProACT is a complete enterprise wide solution for registering, communicating and managing problems, issues or action items. It has features such as Web based Architecture, Configurable Workflow, Automatic and Configurable e-Mail Notification,
Built in Reports Generator, Powerful Query Generator, Total Security, File Attachments, ODBC Compliant Database Support, Export to Microsoft Word and Excel, Administration from Anywhere and Single Database for Multiple Projects.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Developed Active Server Pages using Visual InterDev 6.0.
• Involved in development of server side components in VC++
• Developed ASP pages that used VC++ components for common functions such as database calls.
• Used ORACLE as backend database.
• Used DOM model for core functionality.
• Developed DOM objects in Visual Basic.
• Developed UI features.
• Involved in manual testing of the complete application.
• Involved in running test cases and recording the results.

Environment: Pentium PC, Windows NT, VC++ 6.0, Visual Basic ORACLE, ASP, VB Script, HTML, ADO, IIS.

Yazdi Software Management Pvt. Ltd Aug ’94 – July ’96

Automation of client clubs

These projects targets complete automation of the client clubs like Gymkhana Club, Boat club in Chennai. The automated subsystems include : members bill transaction, payroll for employees of club and inventory of the department stores etc.

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Involved in understanding the total club transactions by interacting with club staff.
• Wrote the code in FoxPro for generating the monthly outstanding bills and staff salary slips.
• Supervised the data entry of the club members and staff data.

Environment: Pentium PC, Windows 95, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, Novell NetWare, MS Access

References: Provided on request.

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