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Post by worldCitizen » 09 Apr 2019 07:50

Just the basics:

While the IPOs don’t play into a bubble, according to Colas, they may still prove risky.

"These companies are all remarkably unprofitable. Lyft lost $900-million-plus last year, and all of these are cyclical companies, as well, unproven by an economic downturn," Colas said. "Ultimately, buying an IPO is one of the riskiest things that an investor could do."
"While there are legitimate concerns about high valuations and earnings potential for some companies, these are not dot-com IPOs," Jason Draho, head of UBS Asset Allocation, Jason Draho, said in a note. "The unicorns that could go public today are larger, older and more established than those early internet companies, attributes which have historically correlated with better long-term returns."
https://www.benzinga.com/news/19/04/134 ... r-for-ipos

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