Вести из Социалистической Республики Болдер:

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Вести из Социалистической Республики Болдер:

Post by MYXOMOPP » 13 Dec 2018 03:44

Похоже, что коммиформийцы расползаются по всей стране и обкладывают потихоньку со всех сторон... :(
Western Journal wrote: It sounds like the beginning of a dystopian horror film: the government telling citizens to line up and have their firearms counted, or face severe disciplinary action.

For residents of Boulder, Colorado, this nightmare scenario is all too real.

In May, the city council voted to ban possession of high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and so-called assault rifles. Residents would be barred from selling these items as well. With the prospect of door-to-door confiscation apparently too much of a hassle, the city decided to grandfather in people who already legally owned the rifles.

There’s only one catch.

To continue legally owning an AR-15 or other assault rifle, gun owners are required to “certify” their gun with the Boulder police. Authorities have declared a Dec. 27 deadline for certifications. After that, any resident owning an assault rifle will be in major legal trouble.
https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/city- ... rn-journal
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Re: Вести из Социалистической Республики Болдер:

Post by Ion Tichy » 13 Dec 2018 04:17

В Болдере универ, небольшой городок переполнен профессорами либеральных артов и студентами.
Как же это вы без гравицаппы пепелац выкатываете из гаража? Это непорядок...

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Re: Вести из Социалистической Республики Болдер:

Post by voyager3 » 13 Dec 2018 05:35

Так колорады давно больше 15-зарядных магазинов не разрешают.

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