Spy Apple

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Spy Apple

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В магазине купил сегоня несколько spy apples, подумал, почемы такое странное имя, из за того, что-ли, что "я буду идти в плаще и держать в руке яблоко", как в шпионских романах? Оказалось, что из романов, да не про тех шпионов :)
the name Northern Spy grew out of the abolitionist movement rampant at the time: the apple was considered an interloper, hence a spy.
He went south, presented himself as a slave catcher, and asked the plantation owners to permit him to talk with the slaves in order to find out how they escaped. Instead, he told the slaves about his own escape route. He advocated killing any Federal marshal who caught a runaway slave. He and his abolitionist friends lured slave catchers into an ambush, robbed and killed them.
...already started, and will rapidly expand, a full and complete investigation into this matter. Answers will be forthcoming shortly.

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Re: Spy Apple

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и я подумала что про шпионов яблочных))

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